The Crockett Foundation Mission

The Crockett Family has a long history in sports and is now putting their efforts behind veterans returning from service to our country with mental disorders. The correlation between sports teams and veterans is an obvious one. For example, a mission is a mission whether it is to win a World Series or the Gulf War. Win the NWA Championship or Operation Law and Order in Baghdad. The sense of teamwork in any of these missions is necessary to have a success. That is why the Crockett Family has formed the Crockett Foundation.

The Crockett Foundation will focus its efforts on helping veterans and veteran’s organizations that are trying to make veterans lives more livable while he or she is suffering from mental illness brought on by their service to our country. Please help the Crockett Foundation help those men and women who so boldly served by donating so that we can help provide PTSD trained service dogs, musical instruments for the music programs designed to relieve the stress of military service and even yoga mats for the yoga programs that are now being used to relieve PTSD symptoms, just to name a few.

Our charity will also be helping retired active duty canine officers with their veterinary bills during retirement. It is a little known fact that there is no financial assistance for these dogs once they are discharged and settle into retirement. The veteran that gives the dog a loving home through his or her golden years is solely responsible for the medical care of the heroes. The Foundation is actively contacting veterinary clinics and hospitals so that veterans know we are here to help.

The Crockett Foundation is now on a mission to help veterans of any shape or size. Please join us by donating today.

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The Crockett Foundation Team

Jim Crockett Sr.


Jim Crockett Sr. was a pioneer of professional wrestling as well as baseball in the Carolinas. Through his legacy, the Crockett Foundation is infusing that same passion in helping Veterans as he once did baseball and wrestling. Through teamwork and leadership we intend to improve the lives of Veterans who return from defending our Great Nation with the struggles of life after service.

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