The Crockett Foundation Mission

Helping connect people who can help non-profit veteran charities by providing veterans with help in all aspects of life!  veteran charity services can help with service dogs, military dogs, wrestling non-profit, support dog charities, and much more!  Also, by selecting the best veteran charity organizations together we can make a difference!

The Crockett Foundation has an international audience of wrestling fans at our fingertips. We thank Jim Crockett Sr., up above, for helping us get to this size, which gives us a wide scope of ability to help our community at large today. We’ve broadened our horizons and you’re in a position to join us in some pretty important ways to help US Military Veterans.

How We Got Here

Have fun checking out the History section of our website, where you’ll see how Jim Crockett Senior brought baseball to the Carolinas, and how Jim Crockett Promotions can be considered the business founder of professional wrestling as we know it today across the world.

In conclusion, we believe helping our veterans we can help the world become a better place to live!

Our Current Focus on Veterans Charities

As of August 2015, the charitable focus of the Crockett Foundation has become service to US Military Veterans in a special package of ways that we feel passionate about.

  1. Paying the veterinary bills and food costs of those beautiful dogs who were active duty soldiers, retired military dogs.
  2. Paying for the training of certified Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans in need of canine companions of this type.
  3. Improving the lives of Veterans who are working toward mental and emotional stability after active duty due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Teams Mean a Lot to Us

The Crockett Family has a long history in sports. That makes us think about teams of people working on a mission. And missions call to mind our brave men and woman serving in the US Military, particularly over the last several years of war overseas.

Continuing our support of teams, aiming to be part of healing teams around the country, The Crockett Foundation was formed to put our efforts behind veterans healing and growing in mental health after their active service to our country.

How We’re Helping Other Charities

The Crockett Foundation has a huge presence on social media. Facebook, Twitter, this website, etc. are where it’s at these days – and we’ve got around 1,000 visits on our social media each week.

Wisely, we’re leveraging that to particularly benefit small 501c3 non-profit charitable organizations for US Military Veterans. These Veterans charities would be hard pressed to reach that large audience otherwise. They’ve got very important and impactful missions, and just might need a boost of funding here and there. We’re working as a team in that way, and we’d like you to join our team to do this good work with us.

Charities We Select

In our first year of focusing on serving veterans, we’ve been getting our social media established. Marketing is a science as well as an art, and we recognize the importance of having experts help us develop our presence online.

Selecting charitable organizations we’ll donate your funds to, our Board of Directors do their own research to find 501c3 non-profits that strike a chord with them. We focus on veteran organizations that are trying to make veteran lives more livable.   While they may be suffering from mental illness brought on by their service to our country. Our team feels personally responsible for choosing the best Veteran charity to donate to on behalf of our fans in the professional wrestling community and others. Performing a background check on veteran non-profits to make sure they’re legitimate before voting and selecting a veterans charity who will receive your hard earned money.

Veteran Charity

We’re proud to share that charitable organizations we’ve donated to include these 3 wonderful 501c3 non-profits:

  • We love that Veterans are working directly with horses! Shamrock Reins, in Pipersville, PA. They provide Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies for Veterans, Active Duty & Reserve Service Members, First Responders, their Families, and the Families of Fallen Heroes.
  • We love that musical instruments are not cost prohibitive to our Veterans! Music4More, in Baltimore, MD. Their primary focus is collecting instrument donations and recycling them into struggling school and community music therapy programs for veterans.
  • We love that dogs are being saved from euthanasia and that Veterans become their heroes! Wags4Tags. They unite our psychologically and emotionally impaired Veterans across North Carolina with trained Companion, Emotional Support Dogs rescued from kill shelters so the two can heal in unconditional love, trust and loyalty.

You Can Help Too

A big effort we’re currently making is getting Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics onboard to link us with Veterans who need help with the medical bills of the retired military dogs they’re caring for as pets now. The veteran that gives the dog a loving home through his or her golden years is solely responsible for the medical care of the heroes. We’ve contacted a long list of Veterinarians already and would like to enlist you for help in this effort too.  Ultimately our veterans face many challenges but caring for a service dog alone doesn’t have to be one of them. You can help by donating to a veteran non-profit organization.

Veteran non-profit

By providing veteran non-profit services and donations will help veterans perform their daily tasks!  They have helped us, now it’s our turn to give veterans the help they deserve!  We are proud to be a veteran non-profit organization!   If you are looking to donate to veterans you can help!  By providing help to their service dogs, military dogs and veterans alike, they are better able to perform and lead productive lives after their military service.

If you know of a Veterinarian or a Military Veteran who cares for these dogs and would like help covering the bills please contact us.

Join our mission to help Veterans!

The Crockett Foundation Team

Jim Crockett Sr.


Jim Crockett Sr. was a pioneer of professional wrestling as well as baseball in the Carolinas. Through his legacy, the Crockett Foundation is infusing that same passion in helping Veterans as he once did baseball and wrestling. Through teamwork and leadership we intend to improve the lives of Veterans who return from defending our Great Nation with the struggles of life after service.

Your Money

When you donate to The Crockett Foundation your money goes to help Veteran non-profit organizations trying to make veterans lives more livable.

  • Please join us by donating funds They’re helping Veterans during times of great struggle emotionally and physically, while he or she is suffering from mental illness brought on by their service to our country. By teaming up with the Crockett Foundation you can help those men and women who so boldly served to protect our country and our quality of life. Together we can help provide trained Service Dogs, musical instruments for the music programs designed to relieve the stress of military service, and even yoga mats for the yoga programs that are now being used to relieve PTSD symptoms, just to name a few. The Crockett Foundation would like to team up with you on a mission to help veteran non-profit organizations.
  • Please join us by purchasing our newly published book When Wrestling Was Wrestling, by Dick Bourne, Debbie Ringley Mrozinski, and Jackie Crockett. It’s chock-full of rare, vintage photographs from a wide range of wrestling events and appearances over the years. Lots of famous faces! Your purchase of this beautifully photographed history of wrestling book helps financially support the Crockett Foundation mission to support Military Veterans.

We’re so glad to have you as a part of our wrestling family. Enjoy our website – and come say hello if you’re at a wrestling or baseball event we’re attending!

Support Dog Charities

Our team of board members can help introduce you to great support dog charities!  Because we truly care, our board members select only the best non-profit veteran charities.  By providing help with wrestling non-profit, service dogs, veteran non-profit, and many other veteran support organizations together we can make a difference!  You can help our veterans thrive through veteran non-profit charitable donations.

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