Food and Meds for Aquino: Interview with Westlake Animal Hospital

Interview by Diane Baren – December 2017 Aquino is an Australian Labradoodle raised to be a Service Dog, and he’s completely dedicated to his best buddy Sonny Brooks – US Military Veteran. The Crockett Foundation connected with Sonny via the efforts of some very caring groups and individuals in Florida. Together they orchestrated a surprise … Continued

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Crockett Foundation and The Humane Society of Charlotte

Crockett Foundation and The Humane Society of Charlotte Saturday, April 21, 2018 Independence Park 300 Hawthorne Ln. Charlotte, NC 28202 Hours: 10:00-3:00 Booth rental cost: $200.00 Help the Crockett Foundation show the Humane Society of Charlotte and the Charlotte pet community that the wrestling world knows how to give back. The most popular mission the … Continued

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Crockett Foundation and Humane Society of Charlotte Help Veterans

Written for the Crockett Foundation by Diane Baren – October 2017   The Crockett Foundation pays veterinary bills and food costs of pets and service dogs belonging to US Military Veterans. To reach Veterans in need of this assistance Debbie Mrozinski, Crockett Foundation President, connects with organizations such as the Humane Society of Charlotte. We … Continued

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Crockett Foundation Service Dog Training

Learning to Train a PTSD Service Dog

Written for the Crockett Foundation by Diane Baren – April 2017 Learning to train service dogs for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is difficult work. It requires that both the trainer and the dog have specialized knowledge and skills. The most successful trainers learn to identify the most appropriate dogs for service dog work by recognizing their … Continued

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Cost Dog Ownership

Costs of Dog Ownership

Written for the Crockett Foundation, by Diane Baren – February 2017 The costs of dog ownership differs depending on how much we pamper our dogs and how creative we are in obtaining the goods and services needed for their upkeep. The Crockett Foundation has started helping to cover the daily living costs and periodic Veterinary … Continued

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Service Dogs

12 Service Dog Groups on Facebook

Written by Diane Baren for the Crockett Foundation – January 2017 I care a lot about Veterans and a good number them have Service Dogs. So I’ve joined some Service Dog groups on Facebook. Sometimes Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in these groups speak up – so being … Continued

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