Crockett Foundation Service Dog Training

Learning to Train a PTSD Service Dog

Written for the Crockett Foundation by Diane Baren – April 2017 Learning to train service dogs for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is difficult work. It requires that both the trainer and the dog have specialized knowledge and skills. The most successful trainers learn to identify the most appropriate dogs for service dog work by recognizing their … Continued

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Crockett Foundation Writing for health

Veteran Writing Programs

Written for the Crockett Foundation by Diane Baren – February 2017 All across America there are little groups of US Military Veterans writing. They’re passionate about writing in various forms – and they’re working on refining their techniques and processes for telling their stories for the rest of us, and for themselves. The tradition of … Continued

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PTSD Awareness

Music Therapy for Veterans with PTSD and TBI

Written for the Crockett Foundation by Diane Baren – February 2017 Some people have a hard time picturing someone in the military, or someone who’s now a Veteran, doing something expressive and creative like playing music. The military doesn’t appear to outsiders to be a highly creative and expressive industry. I remember when I first … Continued

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Cost Dog Ownership

Costs of Dog Ownership

Written for the Crockett Foundation, by Diane Baren – February 2017 The costs of dog ownership differs depending on how much we pamper our dogs and how creative we are in obtaining the goods and services needed for their upkeep. The Crockett Foundation has started helping to cover the daily living costs and periodic Veterinary … Continued

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Veterans Outside

Being Outdoors is Therapeutic for Veterans with PTSD

Written for the Crockett Foundation by Diane Baren – January 2017 Wilderness therapy, or outdoor therapy programs make use of nature to teach participants habits and skills useful to managing symptoms of depression. By working through team challenges and solving problems outdoors in these programs Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can gain a … Continued

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy for PTSD

Written by Diane Baren for the Crockett Foundation – December 2016 Art therapy could be playing musical instruments, participating in activities where you make things such as sculpture and painting, writing words such as songs, and other forms of creativity. A lot of people think of painting when they hear the word ‘art’. Add the … Continued

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PTSD vs. Common PTS

Written for the Crockett Foundation by Diane Baren, October 2016 Recently I spoke with a Marine Veteran who’s articulate, bright, and living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Sometimes people yearn to talk about what’s going on inside themselves – with someone who will understand. Listening, very well, helps build rapport between people. The Veteran … Continued

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