JJ Dillon Interview

JJ’s Early Days

Jim Dillon’s Early Days in Charlotte   Younger wrestling fans today mostly associate James J. Dillon with his stellar run as the leader of the “Four Horsemen” in Jim Crockett Promotions in the 1980s, or his time as an authority figure during the “Monday night wars” when things were so hot for WCW during the … Continued

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Les Thatcher post

Les Thatcher: The One Bad Decision I Made while with JCP

Mike Johnson of pwinsider.com has done an amazing interview with Les Thatcher, a legitimate wrestling Hall of Famer. This interview encompasses Les’ many years with the National Wrestling Alliance and specifically his time with Jim Crockett Promotions. Les worked with Jim Crockett Promotions beginning in 1963 as a wrestler for the great Jim Sr. himself … Continued

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Memorial Day

Threads for Jarheads

Most people are familiar with wrestling, whether it is on a professional scale or at an amateur level. After all, who hasn’t gone to a wrestling match or spent time with the family gathered in front of the television in order to root for their favorite star? Chances are, you’ve done that yourself. Wrestling is … Continued

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T bolt Patterson

Thunderbolt Patterson

Growing up in the Crockett family meant you knew the wrestlers for different reasons other than their ring personas or their win/loss record. We never really knew who was a good guy and who was a bad guy. We only knew them through our personal interactions with them. Whether it was being taught how to … Continued

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Crockett Foundation Thank You

Thank You, Truly

As I sit here tonight waiting on the release of Crockett Foundation’s first press release of 2016, one word keeps coming to mind…grateful. In 2015 the Board of Directors of the Crockett Foundation and myself, as president, decided to go public with our quest to help veterans and retired military dogs. For 30+ years we … Continued

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Crockett Foundation He Gambles on Public and Wins

He Gambles on Public and Wins

When you have a grandfather like Jim Crockett, you, as a child, have a very different perception of this man than the rest of the world. A family member just mailed me an article from April, 1967 that is a great read about how this man was seen by the public. The copy is in … Continued

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Crockett Foundation Christmas

Christmas, Crockett Style

Christmas Day at Jim Crockett, Sr.’s house was a lot like most Christmas Day celebrations. It started early on Christmas morning with lots of food and gifts. Having a large, loud family was the only Christmas gift he needed. As he sat in his big leather wing back chair in the corner of the family … Continued

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Crockett Foundation Headdress to Impress

Headdress to Impress

Wahoo McDaniel….Two words that could put the fear of God in any warm blooded human being. Wahoo was a force of nature both in and out of the ring. His presence in the ring was legendary but out of the ring he was quite legendary in another way. As a kid walking through the offices … Continued

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Ole Anderson

Adventures with Ole

Growing up as a Crockett meant you were surrounded by professional athletes and that they shaped you in many ways and as I sit here now writing this, I honestly can’t think of one negative way it affected me, my brothers and sisters or my cousins. The athletes, whether wrestlers, baseball players, or hockey players, … Continued

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Great American Bash

Great American Bash

The first Great American Bash was held on July 6, 1985 at Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, NC. It was a typical July evening in Charlotte, NC. It was hot, humid and there was the ever present chance of thunderstorms. Jim Crockett Promotions had put together a great card for this event. Jimmy Valiant vs Paul … Continued

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