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At the Crockett Foundation we feel so blessed, and we’re grateful for where we are today. We actively carry the torch lit so many years ago by Jim Crockett Sr., using the family name and notoriety to help US Veterans and retired Military Service Dogs in need. When you donate to veterans you want to know that your generous contribution is put to good use. We do just that! The Crockett Foundation is here to help you make donations in some exciting ways.

We are driven to get your donations to veterans by working with the wonderful veterans’ charitable organizations geared toward three things in particular.

  1. Paying the veterinary bills and food costs of those beautiful dogs who were active duty soldiers, retired Military Canines. There’s no retirement pension in place to cover the normal costs of living for these heroes.
  2. Paying for the training of certified Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans in need of canine companions of this type. Training one dog to become certified costs around $15,000 each.
  3. Improving the lives of Veterans who are working toward mental and emotional stability after active duty due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We carefully choose veterans’ charitable organizations that operate with integrity and we support their missions.

At the Crockett Foundation our family-friendly events and wrestling T-shirt sales enable the professional wrestling community to focus and donate funds to well-established and respected Veteran non-profit organizations.

Lots of people, veterans and civilians alike, would like to adopt Military Canines and love them during their retirement years. However, there’s no financial support for the veterinary bills or food costs inherent to their lives post-service. Imagine the veterinary bills for an aging dog, and imagine being a Military Veteran or civilian who loves that dog and who is responsible for his buddy’s vet bills in his old age. That’s an expensive bill to cover! The Crockett Foundation helps to ease that burden, and we help you say “Thank you for your service” when you donate to veterans through us.

We are on a mission and actively seeking partner organizations that train Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs for Veterans in need. The many months or years it takes to train these dogs, depending on their current age and abilities and the particular needs of the Veteran themselves, is more expensive than simply owning and caring for a dog. It’s approximately $15,000 per dog, and the Crockett Foundation aims to help cover those costs.

The Crockett Foundation finds the best veteran charities to donate to in direct support of our missions, and we make sure your donations directly support veterans through those veterans’ charitable organizations. In that way, we’re helping the Veteran and we’re also helping the retired Military Service dog. It’s a beautiful thing!

Jim Crockett, Sr. would be so proud that his legacy is helping to fund the best veteran charities to donate to. Thank you, up above, for setting up your family to be in a position to help in this way. We’re having fun and we’re so proud to be carrying on your legacy of doing good things for our community and the heroes who help protect it.

The Crockett Foundation is a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit organization. Your generous monthly or one time donation is tax deductible.

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